Prepare for class

What to wear

For your practice, wear comfortable clothes, ideally a pair of tights and a tank. Because your instructor needs to check your overall posture for correct alignment and muscles engagment you may refrain for wearing too loose clothes.

Many of Pilates exercises and some Yogas asanas are done lying on your back, so pay attention to your bra, as it could be painful on your spine while moving/resting on your back. A lot of sport brands propose athletic tops with bra coverage built in.

Pilates/Yoga practice requires to be bare foot, refrain from wearing socks, as you could slip.

Remember that you will have to focus on your body alignment and movement, do not let jewels or fancy clothes bother you, if your hair is long, you should tied it back.

What to bring

A few mats are at disposal in the studio, but for hygiene reasons, it is recommended to bring your own mat. Your mat should be thick enough to be able to roll on your back without hurting your spine. Thickness shouldn't be less than 5mm (0.2 inches).

You can bring a bottle of water, but refrain for drinking during the class, as it mays bother you while using your abs. It is best to drink right after the class.

You may also want to bring a towel.