Group Classes

Sessions are in small group of 3 to 8 persons in order to facilitate corrections in Pilates, and 3 to 12 persons in Yoga.

For Pilates, this concerns Mat workout only. This workout is done on a floor mat, sometimes using props (dumbles, foam roller, ring, etc.). The Pilates Ball class is the whole class using a fitness ball. A pilates group class is 55-60 minutes long.
For yoga, props (blocks, straps, blankets and bolsters) are also used. A Yoga Flow class lasts 75 minutes.

A Yoga Restorative class lasts 1h.


Private Sessions

Session is a 60 minutes one-to-one (Solo) or one-to-two (Duet)

For Pilates, this concerns Studio workout. This workout is done on both floor (mat work) and machines (reformer, tower, chair). Whatever is your special condition : injury, pain, sport, pre/post natal, weight management, I design a program adapted to your needs, thanks to all  different possibilities of workout provided by Pilates machines, they allow a very precise workout in what we call semi-opened chain.

Newcomer Assessment Mandatory to join any Pilates group class.

A Private Session to make a postural assessment and make sure that Pilates principles and repertoire taught in group classes are understood. If the newcomer is a true beginner, I may ask for 1 to 4 additional private sessions before joining a group.